Things I am obsessed with this week

I have a magpie attention span – as in, I am interested deeply in everything, but always can be distracted by the new and shiny. This kind of attitude means I get obsessed by things deeply from time to time – and by this, usually something new every week. This week’s obsessions are:

  • Sprouts

Now, many of you will have come across the humble sprout as a badly cooked accompaniment to your Christmas Dinner, and taken a deep seated loathing to the tiny green vegetable. Here, I can utterly empathize. An improperly prepared sprout is the stuff of nightmares .Bitter, squishy, and not unlike the snot one undoubtedly (and shamelessly) ate from your own nose as a child. However, this isn’t really what the sprout is all about.

Sprouts are marvelous little droplets of veggie heaven; steamed and then tossed in the pan with whatever you’re preparing, and served while they are still firm and tasting sort of like the smell of spring. Oh my lord. Heavenly. You need to give them a chance. My recent discovery is that Marks & Spencer do them in person-sized individual portions, so you can steam them in the microwave in the bag they came in for just 1 minute, and there you have sprout perfection. I should add, I live on my own and so buying individual portions of things is not uncommon for me. I shop across Lidl, Sainsburys, M&S and the Co-op, and my fridge and cupboards contain an eclectic mix of brands and labels. Anyway, do give sprouts another try.

And so to my next current obsession, ROMWOD. This is basically a Crossfit induced obsession, so tough luck if you came here thinking it was a new programming language I’d invented or an acronym for something way more exciting. It is actually an acronym though – WOD is crossfit language for Workout Of the Day – i.e., the programmed class for that day in your box (box = gym. I know, I hate us crossfitters and our secret cool language too). ROM = range of motion; i.e. the way and degrees to which you can move your body to perform functional movement. ROMWOD is an online training programme that gives you a new class each day of stretches and poses, based on things like pilates and yoga, to improve and increase your range of motion, your overall mobility and flexibility. I got introduced to the idea of it though a podcast – an obsession from January that has turned into a nice habit – called The Mind Muscle Project. It’s a weekly podcast from Australia hosted by two crossfitters called Lachy Rowston and Raph Freedman, and it kept coming up in their discussions with crossfit athletes. I thought I’d give it a try, and as there’s a free 7 day subscription and so last week I signed up.

I have very poor overall mobility. I never did any gymnastics as a youngster, and having a very sedentary lifestyle for my entire adult life, even basic flexibility for me is very challenging. I could not squat to parallel 6 months ago. I do ride – but this hasn’t really aided my mobility very much. I’ve done the ROMWOD session every day now for 7 days, and I am going to keep the subscription going. It lasts anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes, and honestly, I cannot do very many of the poses or stretches to the full extent, but I can already see this will change over the next few weeks and months. So, I am going to keep plugging away every day, doing my “frog” or “extended arm lizard” poses and hopefully will become this bendy, supple person who has a mega awesome squat position so I can lift billions of kilos in the gym.

Today it’s Wednesday – coming off the back of a very windy night here in Durham. I have a day of comms planning and some other nice work stuff to get done today, before gym and sprouts. Happy Humpday, people.

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