Why bother?

Blogging. It’s like Instagram, but without the selfies. So what’s the point?

Well, it’s a decent enough question. I mean, I don’t even know if people read blogs any more. They may have gone out with MySpace, I don’t really know.

For my part, I have never habitually read blog posts. I often read them as information sources if I am searching for something, and I find the personal perspective from people really interesting. I am not sure that people will find my perspective on, let’s say, my love of sprouts (more on this later), quite as fascinating – but the important thing is that I will.

This is more about my finding a space to say things about the experiences I have. I don’t travel, I don’t lead a massively exciting and exhilarating lifestyle, I don’t know any celebrities or own my own brand of anything. I am just a normal, working girl. Single. 36. Formerly fat, now much less so. And so if you have stumbled across this blog, be prepared for fairly ordinary stories about fairly ordinary things, involving fairly ordinary people, living fairly ordinary lives. No seat-of-your-pants, thrill-a-minute stuff here.

So, thanks for stopping by. It’s a Tuesday, and it’s nearly time for the gym. And then dinner. And then bed. See? Fascinating, isn’t it?pexels-photo-26829

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